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Here are some sample MP3's to listen to! To check out some other MP3's, go HERE and check out the links to the bands!

"Hallelujah" (2004)

This was recorded at one of my last live performances in Windsor, Ontario before I moved to Victoria, B.C., around August of 2004. It was recorded live on-stage at Patrick O. Ryan's Irish Pub. I used to perform quite regularly there, either with my Hung Jury partner Kelly Nicholls or with regular musicians Brian VanderPryt and Frank Edgley, both of the successful traditional celtic band Celtic Cross. This is one of the songs I used to do quite regularly with Brian and Frank, an old Leonard Cohen song called "Hallelujah" off his "Various Positions" album from the early 1980's. It's since been covered by Jeff Buckley, John Cale, Rufus Wainwright and most recently by k.d. lang, but I still love this song. Always have. It was one of my most requested songs to perform when I did get on stage with Brian, with or without Frank, so I thought I'd put this up for anyone to listen to for old times sake. It's myself on vocals with Brian on guitar and Frank on the fiddle. Thanks to Brian for recording this and getting it to me. (Hallelujah (c) 1985 Leonard Cohen)

"Suicide Star" (2001)

"Suicide Star" is one of my favourites. It was one of the first songs we wrote as the Trailer Park Sex Cowboys, written in late 2000, just before our first gig (opening for ex-TOAST bandmates, Grumpy). Our guitarist, Ron Putt, came up to me and said he had a song title in his head that he thought I should write a song around: "Suicide Star". I loved it and immediately wrote down the lyrics, almost exactly how they ended up on this recording. Ron wrote the great music to this. One of our many musical collaborations. We recorded it in spring of 2001 and released it on our "Suicide Star" EP. Toronto based Dark Entries magazine reviewed the a 3-song sampler of ours and said this song had "hypnotic melodies" and that Suicide Star was "reminiscent of alternative rock before it became mainstream alternative rock". (Suicide Star (c) 2001 Trailer Park Sex Cowboys. Words: Jamie Greer, Music: Ron Putt.)