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The Music



Purple Jesus (1991 - 1994)
The first true musical endeavour, Purple Jesus began as a tongue-in-cheek ode to Spinal Tap. The band members all had ridiculous stage names to compliment their faux Brit accents and stage performance. Initially designed as a studio only project, it featured Daryl Turd (Jamie) on vocals, Reg Nully (Jeff Kraneyk) and Malcolm Redrum (Ian Blythin) on guitars, Tubby "Tubbs" McGee (Cameron Dempsey) on keyboards & bass, and Kooky Doo (John Matthews) on drums. When they decided to go "live", Ian and John resigned and were replaced by Stewie Navell (Darren Ward) on drums and Desmond "Buster" Hymen (Jeff Rosiana) on guitar. After nearly a year as the Tap-esque rockers, the band dropped their stage names and comic rock for more serious alternative style music in the veins of Jane's Addiction and Pearl Jam. By this time, Cameron had left the band and had been replaced on bass by Jeffrey Jones (who briefly used the stage name Lenny Winthorp). All original music fuelled this band to great acclaim but internal factors lead to its demise in 1993 (following a failed attempt to relocate to Halifax, Nova Scotia under the new name Her Idiot Sister). Jeff Rosiana and Darren Ward have since moved on to new projects: Jeff Rosiana is now a part of the successful Canadian indie band Reason Disappears and Darren Ward is behind the drums for the band Vegalite.

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Who Killed The Cat? (1993 - 1994)
 Who Killed The Cat? was an industrial project Jamie was involved with back in 1993. Jamie (vocals) was joined on the endeavour by former Purple Jesus bandmates Cam Dempsey (synths & guitars) and Jeff Rosiana (guitars & synths) as well as two members of Bizarre Thinking Accident, Steve Trischuk (programming & synth) and Alex Parker (synth). They recorded one 6-song EP entitled "Who Killed The Cat? (And Other Love Stories)". The tracks were all done in one take, in one session. In fact, Jamie's voice was so strained by the last track ("Flesh"), you can hear it crack near the end. In 1999, the entire EP was remastered and engineered by Andreas Gregor (ex-Digital Poodle, !Bang Elektronika, Die Roboter).

The Lollipop Guild (1995)
The shortest lived of all the musical projects, this was a two-man acoustic band featuring Jamie and Cameron Dempsey (ex- of Purple Jesus and Who Killed the Cat?). Cameron played acoustic guitar and Jamie sang. They did Purple Jesus and Who Killed The Cat? songs and a select few covers. They did one official show, as the opening act for Windsor punk band Pummel at the Coach & Horses in downtown Windsor, Ontario. It was in the Lollipop Guild (a name taken from a misheard line in the Wizard of Oz) that Jamie first emerged in the character that would become known as Johnny Ten-Inch. For his only show with the Guild, he donned Alice Cooper-esque facial make-up and a yellow sun dress.


TOAST (1995 - 1998)
A Detroit-style glam punk rock outfit, this was the first band to feature Jamie in his long-serving alter ego Johnny Ten-Inch. The band was started out of the ashes of Windsor punk band Pummel (whom Jamie's previous short lived band The Lollipop Guild had opened for at Pummel's fairwell show). With Johnny Ten-Inch on vocals, TOAST also featured Brian Chick on drums & vocals, Richard Benson on guitars and "Coma Joe" Desrameaux (formerly of the Spy's) on bass. TOAST earned great notoriety in Windsor during its three year run, including an infamous appearance at the GreenArtsFest in 1996. TOAST recorded two albums worth of material, but nothing was officially released. Ten-Inch and TOAST parted ways in 1998 and the remaining three members reformed under the name Grumpy (several of TOAST's early recordings showed up as hidden tracks on Grumpy's 1999 debut CD, "Beetch"). In late 2000, TOAST reunited for a one-time reunion show at the now defunt club Slim's (currently the bar The Carhole Tavern).

Johnny Ten-Inch (2000)

Trailer Park Sex Cowboys (2000 - 2002)
Dark glam rock. Once again as Johnny Ten-Inch, the Trailer Park Sex Cowboys was a band founded by Jamie and long time friend Ron Putt. Ron and Jamie initially started ideas for a band back in late 1994 under the proposed name of Stillborn, but shortly after they started writing together, Jamie was commandeered into TOAST and Ron started his own grunge-pop band NoGuph. When Jamie returned to Windsor following a 2-year hiatus in St. Catharines, Ontario, he and Ron hooked up and immediately started writing again. The result was a heavy riff laden form of glam rock which they christened Trailer Park Sex Cowboys. With Jamie still known locally as Johnny Ten-Inch, Ron took up the name Roni Gatling. They enlisted former NoGuph drummer Mike Moore (now called Dr. Fuck) and a mutual friend, Stefan, on bass. When Stefan failed to work out, they brough in Jamie's long time friend Rob Hildebrand (under the alias of Dirty Sanchez) in on bass. The four created quite a reputation in Windsor as one of the city's most energetic and unpredictable live acts. They also toured other parts of Southern Ontario, releasing one EP, "Suicide Star", in early 2001. They briefly changed their name to Angels of Addiction in late 2001 and released a new EP, "Slave". Unfortunately, shortly after the change, Rob quit the band (he was still living in St. Catharines so time off to play was growing difficult). The band dissolved shortly after. In early 2002, Jamie and Ron hooked back up and began writing and recording again. They called up Mike and in the summer of 2002, the TPSC reunited for a special live Unplugged showcase.

Johnny Ten-Inch (2001)

Angels of Addiction (2002 - 2004)
Psychosexual industrial. The roots of Angels of Addiction actually go back as early as 1998 through early discussions with long time friend and collaborator Rob Hildebrand (aka Deacon Star). Angels of Addiction (or AoA) was an idea Jamie (using his goth/industrial DJ moniker, Deacon Syth) had initially pitched to friend (and Razoreater frontman) Mat LeBlanc, but LeBlanc had turned down. Jamie then turned to his close friend Rob to join the project and blueprints were laid down. But things kept getting in the way and the idea was put on hold. When Rob joined Jamie in the Trailer Park Sex Cowboys in late 2000, they began drumming up more ideas for the AoA. In September of 2001, the two convinced the others in TPSC to go heavier and darker and they briefly performed this new material under the banner Angels of Addiction. When Jamie moved to Hamilton in early 2002, he and Rob hooked up and immediately began programming and writing true AoA material. In late 2003, they found their producer in DJ Lee of The Electric Front Studios and work began on their debut CD, "Ne Plus Ultra". Distance and other projects led to the project being put on indefinite hold, although Rob continues to work on similar style music to this day.

Deacon Syth (2003)

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The Hung Jury (2002 - 2004)
Outlaw country/folk. In a rather bizarre turn of events, Jamie started a country band in 2002. Mainly because he was jamming with some guys from Cape Breton (Brad Dillon, Curt Dillon and Calum MacPhee) and local pal Kelly Nicholls and the only songs they could agree on that they all liked were those by Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. So they started the Hung Jury, although it would soon dwindle down to just Jamie (as Scotty "Trousers" Dimond) and Kelly (as Vernon Service). They recorded one CD, "Whiskey Business" and wrote tons of tunes. In February of 2004, New York distribution label Kid Antrim Music picked up the Hung Jury song "Cactus and the Desert Rose" for inclusion on its 2004 Country Songwriters Compilation. In late 2004, they recorded their second CD, "Itchydrinkinfinger", just prior to relocation to Victoria, British Columbia.

Scotty Dimond (2003)