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Here are links to scans and press about various projects Jamie Greer has been a part of.

"Talkin' About The Gory Days: Sex, Drugs & Johnny Ten-Inch" (Upfront Magazine, September 2004)

"The Hung Jury @ The Carhole" (Upfront Magazine, September 2004)

"Trailer Park Sex Cowboys Unplugged Reunion" (Upfront Magazine, July 2002)

"CD Review: Slave EP" (Dark Entries Magazine, August 2001)

"They're No Angels" (Pulse Niagara Magazine, July 2001)

"Trailer Park Sex Cowboys at Slim's" (Upfront Magazine, June 2001)

"Music Profile: Trailer Park Sex Cowboys" (Upfront Magazine, March 2001)

"Sex In A Trailer" (ROOM Magazine, March 2001)

"GreenArtsFest '95" (Windsor Lance, October 1995)

"A Toast to Garage Music" (Windsor Star, September 1995)

"#%@& The Hip! Here's Toast!" (Windsor Lance, September 1995)

These are quick links to view and/or purchase the books that Jamie has been published in:


The Goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined
Written by Nancy Kilpatrick
St. Martin's Press, October 2004
Jamie was part of Nancy's "+ (cross) Section", a group of various people interviewed for the book. In this book he is represented by the name Deacon Syth, his Goth club DJ name. He appears in quotes throughout the book (pg. 18, 70, 127 and 278) and has essays on the history of Goth music printed here (pp. 79-82).

 Gigs From Hell: True Stories From Rock & Roll's Frontline
Edited by Sleazegrinder
Headpress Books, October 2003
This stemmed from an online magazine done by Boston journalist Sleazegrinder in mid-2001. He contacted the Trailer Park Sex Cowboys that summer for a story from one of their shows. One was sent. Sleazegrinder compiled similar stories over the next few years and when he came around to publishing a book, the TPSC story was chosen for publication. It is found on page 153.