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The Hung Jury (2003)
Jamie and Kelly on stage during a performance at Patrick O. Ryan's in downtown Windsor, Ontario. (Photo: C. Dillon)

Angels of Addiction (2003)
Deacon Syth and Deacon Star - Jamie and Rob's personas in their industrial project, Angels of Addiction.

Toast (1996)
Brian Chick, "Coma Joe" Desrameaux, Johnny Ten-Inch & Richard Benson prior to their gig at Jimmy's Pub in Amherstburg, Ontario. (Photo: Unknown)

Johnny Ten-Inch: Live at Evolution (2002)
Ten-Inch captured live during the Trailer Park Sex Cowboys' special unplugged performance at Evolution Nightclub in Windsor, Ontario. (Photo: K. Waslynchuk)

Trailer Park Sex Cowboys: Publicity Shot (2001)
The original gang-bangsters! The Trailer Park Sex Cowboys in a media promo shot. (l-r) Johnny Ten-Inch, Mike Morlock, Dirty & Roni Gatling. (Photo: J. Graham)

Johnny Ten-Inch: Pre-Show (2001)
The man, the myth, the fantasy! Johnny Ten-Inch just prior to performing at Milk Coffee Bar in Windsor. His shirt stirred much controversy - it featured a broken heart image with the words 'I Break Boys' Hearts' on it. When asked how he did this, he replied "I fuck their girlfriends..." (Photo: M. Desmarais)

Johnny Ten-Inch: Publicity Photo (2001)
This shot was taken as part of a promo photo shoot. (Photo: J. Graham)

Trailer Park Sex Cowboys (2001)
Windsor, Ontario's bad boys of rock and roll, relaxing and drinking at "The Lair" - their infamous warehouse rehearsal space/party pit. (Photo: J. Graham)

Johnny Ten-Inch: Pre-Show at Slim's (2000)
Johnny Ten-Inch caught in a rather stunned daze moments before hitting the stage at Slim's in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This was actually taken at the Toast reunion show in late 2000. Toast reunited after a 2 year absence for a show with Grumpy, which featured Johnny's ex-Toast mates. That's legendary Windsor bassist Coma Joe (Toast/Grumpy/The Spy's) behind him! (Photo: S. Desrameaux)

Trailer Park Sex Cowboys (2001)
The TPSC just prior to hitting the stage at the Coach & Horses in Windsor: Roni Gatling, Dirty, Johnny Ten-Inch and Mike Morlock. (Photo: P. Putt)

Purple Jesus (1992)
Promo photo taken in mid-1992: from left to right - Darren Ward, Jeff Jones, Jeff Kraneyk, Jamie Greer, Jeff Rosiana. (Photo: Sherry ???)

TPSC: Live At Milk Coffee Bar (2001)
The TPSC performing live at the Milk Coffee Bar in downtown Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Roni Gatling, Johnny Ten-Inch, Mike Morlock and Dirty. (Photo: P. Putt)

The Hung Jury: Live at Patrick O. Ryan's (2004)
Jamie Greer and Kelly Nicholls playing all the hits on stage at Patrick O. Ryan's in downtown Windsor, Ontario. (Photo: Scotty 2 Hotty)

Angels of Addiction: Publicity Shot (2001)
For a few months, the Trailer Park Sex Cowboys went a little darker and heavier and briefly adopted the moniker of Jamie & Rob's industrial side project, Angels of Addiction. (Photo: M. Desmarais)

Johnny Ten-Inch: Publicity Shot (2001)
Johnny Ten-Inch. Meet Johnnie Walker. Red. Mmmmmm. (Photo: A. McBrain)

Johnny Ten-Inch: Live at the Fratt House (2001)
Johnny performing live at the Fratt House in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. (Photo: C. Morgan/Affinity Photography)

TPSC: Pre-Show (2001)
Another shot of the TPSC prior to the show at The Coach & Horses in Windsor. These fuckers where the most obnoxious hams if you stuck a camera in their face. Especially Johnny and Dirty... (Photo: M. Desmarais)

All photos (c) 2004 Jamie Greer